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I learned an enormous amount about a variety of things,,, the traditions, wisdom, and spirituality of Yoga, Ayurveda, Veda are a gift of support, love, and compassion for elf and others.

E N.   Jul y 2016

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Learn to be an Expert Yoga Teacher

Unleash your Inner Guru

​​​​​The 300 Hr Yoga Alliance Certified Vedic Yoga Teacher Training:       

A 300 hr theory and practice yoga teacher certification course including an open book test and up to fifteen own teaching classes. This also includes FREE UNLIMITED YOGA for the duration of the theory portion of the course (8 weeks). Full attendance and effort is required to receive the Houston Yoga and Ayurveda Vedic Yoga Teacher Training Certificate which is recognized by Yoga Alliance. 

What the training entails:
-Students will understand the correct use and posture of yoga asanas

-Students will understand the safe practice of Yoga
-In-Depth Anatomy & Physiology (Vedic & Western)

-The business of being a Yoga Teacher or Yoga Studio Owner

-Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics Gentle,  Moderate & Intense practice of Asana

-Detailed Study of the Yoga Sutras & Bhagvad Gita


-Different Meditation and Pranayama Techniques 

-The Chakras
-Students will learn traditional Hatha/ Raja/ Restorative/ Gentle and Chair Yoga and how to provide selfless service to others.
-This is a RYT-300 Yoga Teacher Training Course. HYA is accredited by Yoga Alliance.
-Special Emphasis will be placed on Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vedic Chants, Mudras, Mantras, Marma, Yantras and Vastu Shastra 
-Basics of Sanskrit, alphabet, pronunciation, basic yoga terms

-You get to teach 15 Yoga Classes yourself.

What will you get?
A Vedic Yoga Teacher Training Certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance, confirming your advanced knowledge in Yoga and the Vedic Sciences. Under current Yoga Alliance rules if you have a RYT-200, then the RYT-300 course will upgrade your certificate to a RYT-500, allowing you to run your own studio and yoga courses.

How to Register

​Registration for this amazing Yoga Teacher Certified Training course is only $3,495. a 3 month payment installment plan is available.

With the separate downpayment, this amounts to $895 a month.


Program Start is Friday, Oct 16th, at 4 pm. We meet full-day weekends from 6 am-6 pm and every weekday evening 4-9 pm for the first two weeks for the theory portion. This is the intensive part of the course where attendance is mandatory. After that, you can schedule your own time for assignments, tests, and your very own first 15 yoga classes that you teach. We expect everybody to be able to graduate within 3 months.


Books required for the course are listed in the HYA Yoga Teacher Information Form (download from the green box above).

Further Development

With our Hatha Yoga, Yoga alliance recognized certificate, you are able to teach at most yoga studios. The successful attendance of the 300 Hr Vedic Yoga Teacher training recognized by Yoga Alliance is a prerequisite for attending the 1,000 Hr Ayurveda Yoga Therapist course recognized by IAYT, the international association of yoga therapists. 

Contact us at + 1 281-256 8461 for more details or visit us. 

  EARLY BIRD $250 off is available until August 30, 2020

Non­-refundable down payment option is $900. 3-month payment plans are available.
Payments are not refundable after acceptance into the course by Houston Yoga and Ayurveda.  Materials and books may be required.  

Bonus: All graduates of this program are entitled to a 10% discount on all yoga programs for life at HYA!!!

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​​​Next Yoga Alliance 200 Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course:      

Our next course will start March 2021.

Teaching Vedic essentials to Yoga Teachers
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Yoga Teacher Graduates at HYA

YTT has expanded my consciousness to a level that might not have ever happened without the YTT experience. It has caused me to wake up to all possibilities in the world........

S H.   Jul y 2016

​​​Yoga Alliance Certified CEUs for Yoga Teachers:       

Yoga Alliance requires that graduates of YTT 200 and YTT 500 certified yoga teacher training courses continue to learn and improve their skills. Houston Yoga and Ayurveda is proud to offer CEUs not only for our own graduates but also to others.  

​Registration for this amazing Yoga Teacher Training Continuing Education Unit is only $60. Two contact and four non contact hours are credited with each course. A great way to keep current and intensify your understanding of yoga and the Vedic sciences for you and your students.

See our yoga alliance site for more details

Our Module on Chakras, Mudras for Yoga is scheduled May 27th 7 pm CST.  The meeting will be live at the center and will be shown on ZOOM  REGISTER Here!