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At Houston Yoga & Ayurveda we use the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda to provide calmness and strength. A combination selected specifically for you by your Ayurvedic practitioner consisting of any of the following Mudras (Hand Gestures) , Pranayama (Deep Breathing Exercise), Abhyanga Massage, Shirodhara (Head Chakra Oil Treatment), Marma Therapy (Accupressure),  Swedana (Steam Bath). This will make you feel more comfortable immediately. Duration is 90 minutes. 

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Don't forget to call 281-256 8461 or  email Healing@houston-yoga-ayurveda.com to schedule your appointment.

A certain amount of stress is part of our normal daily lives and we face many stressors each day due to concerns, circumstances, people, and events. Children are very susceptible to environmental, behavior and school stress., more so than adults. Instead of giving your child more drugs that poison mind and body consider using some ancient techniques to eliminate stress in Kids.

Calm Down Kiddo Package