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As we get older and as we experience more stress in our life, we experience high blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and other heart and vascular issues.

Cholesterol & Heart Management

At Houston Yoga & Ayurveda we educate you to the ancient Theory of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy that provides a naturopathic, holistic answer to cholesterol & heart management that eludes Western medicine.​​

Try our CHOLESTEROL & HEART THERAPY which consists of:

Pranayama (deep breathing techniques), Mudras and Yoga therapy. Please note that the Ayurvedic Practitioner will customize and vary this plan to your specific developing needs. Any recommended herbs, or additional treatments or materials may be extra. 

Don't forget to call 281 256 8461 or email healing@houston-yoga-ayurveda.com to schedule your appointment.

Houston Yoga and Ayurveda Ashram Inc.is not a licensed medical facility. Employees of the  Center are not trained or licensed as physicians in medical diagnosis or treatment. You are encouraged to discuss any Ayurveda herbal supplements or Yoga therapies you consider with your medical doctor in advance of using them.