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Julie said:   February 17th, 2012 8:43 am I was looking for a yoga class and drove by the Healing Tree. What I found was so much more than just a yoga class! Sharon, the owner is warm, welcoming and so knowledgeable in both yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. I’ve tried all the yoga classes and each one has something different to offer and goes beyond your regular gym yoga. It is not uncommon for the instructors to use singing bowls, scents, and candles during meditation­­ wonderful experience. The Ayurvedic massages with warm oil are one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I would recommend the Healing Tree to anyone! 


Diane Gazanfari said:   July 22nd, 2011 3:25 pm I recently started to have serious physical issues with my body and knew that I needed to find a way to assist my body to heal itself without having to solely depend on prescribed medications. When I met Sharon I knew that this was the path I wanted to take in order to start the journey of wellness. I was open to whatever I needed to do to achieve this goal. With her gentle guidance, detox program, and awesome body treatments, I began to notice profound changes in my body. I experienced more strength and vitality than I had had for quite some time. The pain in my body began to also subside. What a blessing it has been to have had this opportunity. What I learned from Sharon has allowed me to continue once again to live a more healthier lifestyle.


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Lisa Alexander said:   April 29th, 2012 11:39 am I am so excited to express my gratitude to Sharon!!! She has helped change my life!! Two years ago I was diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption. I am a personal trainer and eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. But...fructose is in everything, it naturally occurs in most fruits and vegetables. The only solution to this issue is to avoid fructose/fructans in your diet. "That is a lot easier said than done!" It has been extremely difficult to manage and the side effects are miserable. I was looking for a new place to practice yoga and found The Houston Yoga and Ayurvedic website. This was the first time I had heard of Ayurvedic medicine. I contacted Sharon and set up a consultation immediately. Sharon was so warm and welcoming! We had a consultation and I was amazed at the information she provided to me. Sharon helped me understand how and why my body was having this reaction. As she recommended, I did Panchakarma/cleanse. I can say that the cleanse helped heal my body!!! I no longer have the reaction to foods that contain fructose and I am beyond excited!!! Everything happened the way Sharon explained and she was there every step of the way for any questions or concerns I had. I recently took my 75 year old Dad to see Sharon. During our consultation with Sharon, we discovered that my Dad's physician(s) have him on several medications
that are duplicated. My Dad will be doing the cleanse and we are extremely excited to see his results. My Dad has been retaining fluid and has gained 20+ pounds in 3 weeks. So, before starting the cleanse, Sharon recommended some herbs to eliminate the fluid retention. In two days, my Dad is alreay experiencing relief!!! Sharon is the best and I am so happy to have met her!

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​Lilly F said:   August 6th, 2014 1:10 pm I recently went to see Sharon Kapp on a referral from a very dear friend. I thank God for my friend's referral. I went to see Sharon Kapp for my many health issues and questions. She spent time with me on answering all of many questions and concerns. I followed her recommendations and i really feel great!!!! I am referring several of my friends and family. Although I had quite a commute from Liberty, to Cypress, Tx. Sharon Kapp is very kind and immediately made me feel relaxed and unstressed. I hope someday to attend some yoga classes!!!!Type your paragraph here.

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Enjoy these Press Reviews & True Testimonials from our customers who have improved their lifestyle and health by being part of the Houston Yoga & Ayurveda Ashram doing Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage.

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Mike Middleton said:   September 15th, 2014 2:29 pm At 55 I was beginning to feel the effects of aging. From lack of energy to short term memory lapses to a lifetime of stomach issues, I had several health concerns. Sharon recommended a 35 day Panchakarma cleansing which my wife and I decided to do together. Having just completed that process, my wife and I will both attest to the fact that choosing this natural healing method has been the most life­changing experience of our lives. We had no idea how "sick" we were until we began to feel well again. All, and I mean ALL of our symptoms are gone. No more acid reflux and stomach pain. Our minds are clear and sharp again, absent of the fog that existed. We are sleeping soundly and waking refreshed and energetic. No more lethargy and fatigue mid­day. And we are both completely off of all medications as any symptoms related to past issues have disappeared. I know that this sounds too good to be true. But our story is real, we have lived it! Getting healthy requires an investment. Don't fear that investment of time and money. Getting healthy returns so much to your life that you will only wish you had done so sooner. Don't believe the lie that you must live with health problems. Modern medicine had us convinced we would live with medication and/or ongoing symptoms which we would just have to manage the rest of our lives. Thank God we gave Sharon the opportunity to lead us to find the health that is available to all of us.

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Noel M said:   June 7th, 2013 8:15 pm Sharon, Chris and Rose, how can I thank you for the outstanding and loving care you provided me at a very difficult time in my life.. Your serene, calm, happy, tranquil and straightforward approach to every situation helps me to cope with challenges every day. You helped me to quit smoking and helped me to forget that I ever did..it's as though I never did..thanks to your Ayurvedic guidance, it's awesome, I will never forget that first day I came to you in pieces..and you patiently put me back together through Panchakarma..I cannot thank you enough! And then you taught me Yoga..and Pranayama, the breath of life..amazing. And the Ayurvedic Bliss Therapy..is simply amazing..the 15 days of bliss massage which cleans all your lymph system, with the Shirodhara oil flowing onto your forehead for 15 minutes (lights out for me every time!!) and then the detox steam bath..Lord have mercy..a perfect way to turn into a happy clean body! And your guidance on what to do to continue with good health, the simple philosophies of Ayurveda, Yoga and eating the right foods, including meats that are right for your body type..it just all makes simple sense now. Thank you esp. Sharon for your patience and help with all my anxieties and fears..you taught me that knowledge and facing these helps to put them to rest..accepting..observing..being neutral..all helped.. Bless you and Chris for opening the Houston Yoga and Ayurvedic Center for Healing..and bless Rose for her restorative gentle yoga and aroma therapy for headaches, and Yoga Nidra for helping calm the mind into a deep relaxed state! In this day and age, esp. in a city like Houston, your place is a Sanctuary..an Ashram..a sacred peaceful, stress­free zone where I have always been welcomed...My deeply felt THANK YOU for everything you have done to help me in my quest for good health, smoke free and stress free life. 

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