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Sharon Kapp is an IAYT certified yoga therapist. The Ayurveda Yoga Therapy course is now accredited by IAYT. 

​​Who is IAYT?

The International Association of Yoga Therapists, founded in 1989, represents more than 5,500 yoga and healthcare professionals around the world. IAYT's mission is to establish yoga as a recognized and respected method of therapy. IAYT provides education through its publication International Journal of Yoga Therapy and the professional magazine Yoga Therapy Today. Annual conferences and symposiums provide information on the latest research on yoga therapy.

​​Why IAYT Accredited Ayurveda Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapists are yoga teachers who have additional training in therapeutic applications of yoga. Upon completion of all four courses,  the first available programs in Houston, TX in this rapidly emerging field, our graduates will become leaders and faculty who influence the evolution of yoga therapy as an integrative health practice. In addition, research into the benefits of the therapeutic use of yoga is quickly expanding, and third-party insurance reimbursement is beginning to be used for yoga therapy. 

Career choices for Certified Yoga Therapy graduates include:
                        Yoga Therapist in private practice
                        Clinical practitioner in integrative health practices, fitness centers, medical centers, and other health-related organizations
                        Consultant to public and community health efforts
                        Corporate wellness program designer
                        Faculty in higher education and educator in school

Yoga Therapists make a median wage of $40,970, while those in the top 10 percent of the salary range earn $70,180, according to 2015 data from www.verywell.com. Make a living with your passion !!! 

Curriculum:  Our 1,000 hr Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Certification provides yoga professionals with a comprehensive foundation in the theoretical, scientific, and experiential training of yogic teachings and practices. Subjects include: anatomy, physiology, ayurveda, yoga therapy, vedic astrology, mudras, nutrition mas well as a practicum where you help to treat people using the techniques you learned with this yoga therapy course.

The curriculum is anchored in a relationship-centered philosophy, honoring both ancient Yoga & Ayurvedic science, and acknowledging the complex interrelationship between body, mind, and spirit. When you complete the program, you will be able to teach clients how to tailor the practices and teachings of yoga to address their individual health needs and to cultivate a lifetime of wellness.​​

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Awaken your Inner Yoga Guru

With more than 45 years of experience in Yoga, Sharon knows the most authentic teaching comes from deep personal experience. At Houston Yoga and Ayurveda, you are guided by our expert teachers in our wonderful, unique facility.

Learn from Sharon who is a registered RYT500 Yoga Teacher by  Yoga Alliance, and a certified Yoga Therapist by International Association of Yoga Therapists  (IAYT) and recognized also by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner at a doctor level.

Sharon provides the unique blend of knowledge that combines true wellness with the two sister sciences, Yoga and Ayurveda, and with her help you can master that too. There is no other course more authentic to explore the roots of Vedic Yoga. Empower yourself with Tools for personal growth. Join the one of the most authorative yoga therapist classes in the nation, taught by somebody who truly understands the ancient healing Vedic sciences

​​Why Yoga Therapy ?

​​What Can Ayurveda Yoga Therapy do?

Although nearly all Yoga can be therapeutic and healing, Yoga therapy is the precise application of ancient knowledge through specific postures, breathing exercise, mediation and ayurvedic techniques to address an individual's physical, mental, and emotional needs.  

Yoga Therapy can help with a range of concerns  as proven by these western medical studies such as: 

PAIN                                 Sherman K, A randomized trial comparing, yoga, stretching, and a self-care book fro chronic low back pain.
​                                         Archives of Internal Medicine 2011;171:2019-2026      

MENTAL HEALTH            Gard T, Potential Self-regulatory mechanisms of Yoga for psychological health.
                                         Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 2018;8:770

MAJOR ILLNESSES        Sharma M, A systematic review of yoga interventions as integrative treatment in breast cancer.
                                          Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 2016;142: 2523-2540 

DEPRESSION                 Uebelacker LA, Broughton MK. Yoga for depression & anxiety. A review of published research and implications for providers
                                         Rhode Island Medical Journal 2013;99:20-22

CARDIO-VASCULAR      Barrows, Fleury, "systematic review of yoga interventions to promote cardiovascular health -
                                         Western Journal or Nursing Research 2106;38:753-781

DIGESTIVE ISSUES        Vizcaino M & Stover E. The effect of yoga practice on glycemic control and other health parameters in Type 2 diabetes

                                                Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2016;28:57-66

and much more.

Yoga Therapy as part of Ayurveda for the above illnesses has been described in ancient documents such as the Charaka Samhita when the Roman Empire existed. 

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​​How does Yoga Therapy work?

Yoga Therapy requires a detailed and thorough training that goes far beyond a yoga teacher training. Yoga Therapy provides a holistic approach that teaches and empowers a client to heal themselves by tapping into their own innate healing power. researchers think this works partly because of Yoga's ability to regulate the nervous system and affects the way the brain processes information. 

Informal setting teaching Yoga at HYA
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