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Why do Yoga at Houston Yoga & Ayurveda?

Houston Yoga and Ayurveda Ashram Inc.is not a licensed medical facility. Employees of the  Center are not trained or licensed as physicians in medical diagnosis or treatment. You are encouraged to discuss any Ayurveda herbal supplements or Yoga therapies you consider with your medical doctor in advance of using them.

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Houston Yoga & Ayurveda is Unique amongst Yoga Studios

We believe that health comes from de-stress. Experience that when you drive into our wooded lot surrounded by wonderful plants & animals and welcomed to our studio as part of our family.

We are not just another Gym Yoga that only focusses on a physical workout. We practice an Authentic Style of Yoga straight from India that truly heals Mind and Body and includes Meditation and/or Pranayama Breathing. We uniquely focus on both Yoga and Ayurveda, the two sister sciences, to find balance in a health solution just for you. 

We have personalized, small classes every day. We do not believe one generic, sequence of yoga fits all.

We are the only accredited therapeutic yoga studio in Greater Houston. That means we are even more focused on health benefits and wellness for you than anybody else.

We work with and are certified with Cancer Patients and clients with other illnesses.

Yoga Teachers are trained in Ayurveda in-house.  They find the right asanas and poses that maximize your inner balance and wellness and ensure you have a satisfying class. With Hatha Yoga there is time to get into the pose properly, no breathless hassle.

We practice safe yoga. Unlike others, we do not physically adjust your poses or force you into them. 
You do what you are comfortable with. We monitor your poses in-person all the time for your safety and well-being.

We do NOT endorse frequent internet yoga because unsafe student behavior cannot be detected due to a lack of feedback.

Our Yoga is suitable for everybody from beginners to expert yogis.
You get the health benefits by trying,..there is no competition.

Check out the proven health benefits of yoga on the next page.

Come, Build a strong foundation to your yoga wellness practice with us.

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