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Yoga is an activity to surrender yourself, reconnecting mind, body, and soul. We believe in an environment that is deeply relaxing and free of today's interruptions at home or office. A technology-free practice of yoga provides the most benefits. Yoga is suitable for everybody of all ages and levels.

Yoga is not a repetitive, generic on-line activity like a gym. Yoga is designed to correct your individual doshas. Our instructors are trained to recognize which asanas are beneficial to correct your imbalance. We use visual ayurvedic clues. We also want to be sure that safe yoga is being practiced.

Practicing over the internet limits health individualization and safe yoga and provides limited benefits (it is also less fun).  

At Houston Yoga & Ayurveda every class is different and designed specifically for the individuals who attend. We provide an unrivaled, life-strengthening experience. HYA's soothing natural stress-relieving experience is unmatched in Houston.

For those who cannot come in person and have a valid, unlimited package we offer through MindBody twice a week a link to view a recorded class.

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                 YOGI TIPS

Yoga is for Everyone, we have students that are 4 years and 84 years old. 

It is OK not to do every Asana, don't force yourself, be kind to your body. You still get the health benefits

There is NO competition

First Timers, Please register on-line or at the front desk, come early!

Bring your regular yoga or comfortable,  non-revealing sports clothes and a yoga mat. (mats for rental and purchase are available).

Blocks, Bolsters, Straps, and Blankets are available at the studio

We offer complimentary water and organic green tea!

No shoes in the yoga room, please.

​Cell phones should be switched off.

HEALTH UPDATE: We have three hospital grade sanitizers. We do not provide rental equipment due to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to minimize infections. and we sanitize common areas every day. Attendance is limited to our classes to allow social distancing.

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